A Cemetery Begins

The goal of this blog is to support the Glenwood Cemetery Association, and to celebrate the history of Glenwood and the lives of those who built our community.  The initial posts are adapted from the script of a 2016 cemetery tour.  Biographies will be added regularly so stop back often.

The Glenwood Cemetery Association was formed on August 24, 1877, in a meeting at the Henry Rue Store at the corner of Minnesota Avenue and Franklin Street.  Those present at the meeting included Simmons, Scott, Rue, Wollan, McNutt, Lathrop, Reynolds and K.J. Kinney.  This formal action to create a cemetery association consolidated several “informal” cemeteries to the present Glenwood Cemetery location.  The five-acre property on the bluff at the south edge of Glenwood was donated to the city of Glenwood, then to the Glenwood Cemetery Association by Tory Thorson.

With the organization of this spacious, non-denominational cemetery, burials at three small cemeteries on “church hill,” (First Street NE from Minnesota Avenue to (and including) Central Square), near the Soo Depot, and in the southeast section of Glenwood were exhumed and relocated here.  A few early or unmarked graves were discovered during later construction projects.  These bodies were also moved to the new cemetery.

The Glenwood Cemetery Association maintains the grounds with funds from the sale of burial plots, interest from investments and from memorial gifts.  As you research your family ancestry and visit their graves, consider a gift to the cemetery.  The “Contact Us” page has details.

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