Kirk J. Kinney

KinneyK.J. Kinney was among those present at the organization of the Glenwood Cemetery Association.  If there were a “father” of Glenwood, I would nominate Kirk J. Kinney.  He homesteaded a farm in Reno township, but was persuaded by A.W. Lathrop to purchase adjoining properties to plat the village of Glenwood “in equal shares” in 1866.  In laying out the village, Kinney set aside a full block labeled “Courthouse Square.”  His vision was finally realized 13 years later with the construction of the first brick courthouse.  Kinney remained here holding various county positions, most especially County Surveyor.  Nearly every real estate abstract in the city lists Kirk Kinney as an early owner.


Kinney1We won’t find the Lathrop name in this cemetery.  The Lathrop family moved along from Glenwood to form other towns further west.  In retirement, A.W. returned to his native Tennessee where he died in 1891.  Kirk Kinney died in 1907, contrary to the inscription here.  He and his wife left no descendants.  His obituary was titled simply “Dropped Dead.”  He had tended his horse, returned to the breakfast table, told his wife he didn’t feel well, and his contributions to the development of Glenwood ended as he fell to the floor.

The Glenwood Cemetery Association maintains the grounds with funds from the sale of burial plots, interest from investments and from memorial gifts.  As you research your family ancestry and visit their graves, consider a gift to the cemetery.  The “Contact Us” page has details.

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