Joseph Furtney

By the time Joseph Furtney arrived in Glenwood, many of the early downtown buildings were past their prime.  Furtney brought the expertise to build substantial commercial buildings of brick.  Hershman’s Department Store also known as Corner Drug, built in 1922,  the Village Inn building (1911,) the Dick & Carol Kaus home on South Lakeshore Drive (1892,) and two row house style apartments known locally as the Soo Hill Flats and the Lakeshore Flats (1903.)

Joseph Harrison Furtney (1854-1935) was born in Canada.  He came to America in 1865, and worked on the railroad.  He came to Glenwood in 1887 as a Soo Line engineer.  He retired in 1909 from the railroad.  Furtney operated a steamboat on the lake called “Lily of the Lake”.  His large house on South Lakeshore Drive served as Glenwood’s first hospital 1911-16 (for doctors Elsey and Eberlin).  In 1922 Furtney built a large building for the Hershman Department Store at the NE corner of Minnesota Avenue and Franklin Street.  It later became Norby’s, and then National Tea.  Jim Stradtman moved Corner Drug to Furtney’s “Hershman” building in 1970.  The building was razed in 2016 and replaced with an expansion of Glenwood State Bank.  The Lakeshore Flats were razed in 1992.  The Pearl “flats” were built on the site in 2015.


The Glenwood Cemetery Association maintains the grounds with funds from the sale of burial plots, interest from investments and from memorial gifts. As you research your family ancestry and visit their graves, consider a gift to the cemetery. The “Contact Us” page has details.

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