Nick Koplos, Marvin Bennett

Koplos photoThis tombstone is, I think, unique in this cemetery with the porcelain cameo photograph of the departed.  Nick Koplos was the only child of George & Alexandra Koplos.  They came to the U.S. from Greece in 1910 and to Glenwood in 1922.  They owned the Glenwood Candy Kitchen and Tip-Top Café.  They were typical immigrants fully embracing their new home even though they were the only Greek family for miles.  On November27, 1928, Nick Koplos was skating on the lake with a dozen friends after school.  As the boys heard mothers calling them home to dinner, all but Nick Koplos and Marvin Bennett turned to shore.  One of the friends turned to see the two boys still skating toward the sunset.  They all turned when they heard the shotgun sound of cracking ice.  Suddenly all they saw was Nick’s cap floating in open water.  The boys’ yells brought help from others including the fire crew.  Nick’s friends, Harold Brundin and Clarence Swanson, dove into the water immediately to find and save their friends.  The lifeless bodies of Marvin and Nick were pulled from the water five hours later.Koplos stone


The Glenwood Cemetery Association maintains the grounds with funds from the sale of burial plots, interest from investments and from memorial gifts. As you research your family ancestry and visit their graves, consider a gift to the cemetery. The “Contact Us” page has details.

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