The Glenwood Cemetery Association, Glenwood, Minnesota, has cared for the remains of our departed family since 1877.  The property is maintained with funds from the sale of burial plots.  Additional estate gifts and frugal management have maintained a positive balance in the Association’s account to care for and improve the cemetery.  The recent costs of maintenance have exceeded income, and have required drawing on investments. The Glenwood Cemetery Association is inviting the family and friends of those interred to consider a gift to the cemetery fund.  Both direct and planned estate gifts can assure the quality of care that we love about our cemetery, and which our dearly departed deserve.

The goal of this blog is to honor the vision of the founders of our community.  The first entries are adapted from a 2016 walking tour of the cemetery prepared by Merlin Peterson of the Pope County Historical Society.  They are not a reprinting of obituaries but rather biographies focused on the unique qualities of the individuals who have shaped our community.